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BK Premier is more than just a bank account – enjoy exclusive access to rewards, benefits and enhanced products, all tailored to suit your needs.
When you own a BK Premier account, we make sure you get all the VIP treatment you deserve. Our dedicated team of personal bankers are at your service to ensure that you receive a personalized banking experience whenever you need it.
Even more, our exclusive world class offers are designed to complement every aspect of your life.
So sit back and relax as we take good care of you!

  • Our Premier Packages

Our new enhanced service has been designed to take care of your personal and business needs. We understand who you are and what you need!

    • ElitePlus

Designed for our high net worth clientele with access to a world of exclusivity, priority, local and world-wide benefits. If you are a C-level Executive, Business owner Ambassador or Country Director, then look no further, BK Premier is at your service!
We Offer:

  • Membership card - Platinum Visa credit card
  • Dedicated Personal banker, who will not only ensure that all your banking needs are catered for in timely and professional manner, but also advise you on the best offers.
  • Airport Lounge access at over 840+ airports around the world
  • 2-in-1 free companion ticket in Rwandair Business class, if you buy using your Platinum credit card.
  • Enjoy preferential FX rates
  • Office delivery of cheque books, cards and other important documents etc.
  • Enjoy unbelievable discounts at top hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops in Kigali
  • BK Techouse 4G Data offer for your office space and home.
  • BK General Insurance unique offers to Premier clients
  • Enjoy huge discounts of up to 7% when you book with your membership card at international visa luxury hotels

To sign-up call our Premier office on 0788143038

    • EliteVIP

Tailored to cater for top public officials. We know exactly what you need when you come to us! Our relationship managers will contact you with more details.

    • EliteGlobal

Are you a Rwandan living and working abroad? Home is where your financial worries are put at rest. BK EliteGlobal is designed to ensure that you have a peace of mind while you’re away.
We offer:

      • Preferential FX rate
      • Discounted withdrawals
      • Diaspora Savings A/c
      • Fast track Swift Transfers
      • Discounted participation % on your Mortgage or Property loan.
      • Card requests
    • EliteFlex


Designed to cater for the non-committal walk-in client who loves priority and exclusive service.

We Offer:

  • Credit card applications e.g. Platinum Standard, Gold, Classic
  • Debit card requests
  • Fast track Swift transfers
  • Mobile banking, Internet banking support and activation


Terms and Conditions for credit card requests apply.


Equity Price List

BOK 290 290 290
BRL 150 150 150
NMG 1200 --- ---
KCB 340 --- ---
USL 104 --- ---
EQTY 350 --- ---
CTL 54 54 54

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Exchange Rates

25-05-2018  BUYING  SELLING
USD 861.0000 874.0000


GBP 1135.0000 1195.0000

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KN4 Ave No12 Plot No 790
P.O. Box 175, Kigali, Rwanda

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Call Center

Local: Phone 4455 

International: Phone+250-788143000

email bk@bk.rwThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Send us a message
web www.bk.rw

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