Corporate Social Responsibility

As the leading Bank in Rwanda, Bank of Kigali (BK) is committed to transforming the lives of Rwandans not only through providing the most innovative financial solutions on the market but also by giving back to the community.

The Bank developed socially responsible policies and environment friendly, budgeting, lending and investment practices and has also developed a strong CSR strategy which has enabled it play a pivotal role in transforming the lives of Rwandans.

This policy is based on four strong pillars: improving access to education, promoting community health, environmental sustainability and poverty eradication. The pillars are designed to recognise that the small steps we take today contribute to a bigger change for a brighter tomorrow of our community.

The Bank set up a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee whose primary role is to implement the Banks CSR strategy. The Committee, which composed of six members of the management team and sits at least once a month to evaluate various projects proposals brought to the Bank and how these projects enhance the Banks CSR strategy.






Equity Price List

BOK 290 290 290
BRL 150 150 150
NMG 1200 --- ---
KCB 340 --- ---
USL 104 --- ---
EQTY 350 --- ---
CTL 54 54 54

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Exchange Rates

18-05-2018  BUYING  SELLING
USD 861.0000 873.5000


GBP 1140.0000 1205.0000

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