Poverty Eradication

In April 2014, the Bank’s staff visited Genocide Survivors of Kiramuruzi and Kiziguro Sectors, in the Eastern Province where they donated 20 Friesian cows and built 20 kraals. The primary beneficiaries of these cows were genocide survivors of these sectors, who were most in need.

 The CEO of Bank of Kigali with one of the cows donated to genocide survivors in Kiramuruzi district.


Bank of Kigali sponsored AVEGA-AGAHOZO whose mission in 2014 was to provide assisted living facilities or nursing homes for these elderly persons. As a start, AVEGA built two homes; one

in Rwamagana district in the Eastern Province and the other in Kamonyi district in the Southern Province. They aim to build a house in every district.



The Bank’s commitment to poverty eradication is three fold; through the Bank’s products and distribution channels geared towards poverty reduction, through the Bank’s CSR activities and staff involvement.

In September 2011, the Bank opened a Micro Finance Business targeting the Youth, Women and Senior Citizens. Bank of Kigali recognizes that access to finance still remains one of the biggest challenges for most Rwandans since most are required to provide collateral                             


The staff and Bank of Kigali were the first to support the Agaciro development fund, a solidarity fund that was initiated by Rwandans to improve the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda as a Nation. This Fund was initially suggested at the 2011 Umushyikirano (National Dialogue) and spearheaded by the Rwandans living abroad. It is now embraced by all Rwandans. The uniqueness of the fund is that it is Rwandans themselves that will finance it. The Fund sets the tone of Rwandans working together to drive their own development; giving the entire Rwandan population a higher level of direct ownership in the nation's projects

 Staff of Bank of Kigali visiting disabled demobilized soldiers in one of the Rwandan villages. The staff purchased a grinding mill for the soldiers that will be a source of income generation thereby promoting sustainable economic empowerment in the community








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