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BK Agency Network consists of some of BK’s new interrelated innovative financial solutions targeting to reach out to the rural and urban unbanked and underserved populations as well us linking Rwandans to the Diaspora through up to date BK remittance Channels.



BK Agency Network boasts 4 main categories of products:

1.    BK Agent banking which has BK Yacu as main products

2.   BK Remittance which has 4 conventional international money remittance Channels (MoneyGram, Western Union and Instant cash) and three telecom Led Mobile payments platforms (MTN Mobile Money, Tigo cash and Airtel Money)

3.   BK MobiBank which consists of a fleet of 9 Mobile Vans equipped to serve customers in offsite and remote locations just like a normal branch

4. Partnership with the Telecoms

1.    BK MobiBank which consists of a fleet of 9 Mobile Vans equipped to serve customers in offsite and remote locations just like a normal branch.

2.     BK Remittance


BK Yacu

What is BK Yacu?

BK Yacu is an Agent (branchless) Banking solution that enables BK customers to carry out their banking at their nearest BK Yacu agent without necessarily traveling long distances or queuing for several hours for the service at a conventional Bank Branch/ATM

What is Agent Banking?

This is a form of Banking where Banks vet, approve and contract other business outlets to offer certain banking services mostly in remote locations on their behalf.

Who is a BK Yacu agent?

A BK Yacu agent is a retail outlet contracted and approved by BNR and the Bank, to process clients’ transactions. In place of a branch teller, it is the owner or an employee of the retail outlet who carries out the transactions and helps the Bank of Kigali client deposit, withdraw, transfer funds, pay their bills, inquire about an account balance, or open a new account.

BK Yacu agent outlets are drawn from reputable retail and corporate outlets in your neighborhood, that include Supermarkets, Alimentations, Pharmacies, Dry Cleaners, Retail shops, Petrol Stations, Mobile Telco agents among others.


1.    Cash deposits at any agent countrywide

2.    Get answers to general questions about your account and BK products

3.   Receiving withdrawals

4. BK Money (Send Money to anyone in Rwanda whether a BK client or not)

5.  Pay for your Bills,

6.  Purchase Airtime

7.  BK information

8.  BK services

9.  Change Language

10.  Irembo /Rwanda Online Services

11.  Cash Collection 



1.     Normal Bank Account operating conditions apply.

2.     One must have their phone registered for BK Yacu (Mobiserve) to be able to access services across the agents

3.    The customer requires their original ID to transact.



Single Tariff provided below for all Agent Banking Products

BK Money

1.     BK money can be sent to any valid local phone number(MTN,AIRTEL,TIGO)

2.    Receiving/withdrawing is free of charge.

3.     Bk money can be sent through multiple channels: MobiServe, BK Yacu Agent, BK MobiBank, BK branches.

4.     BK money Pan &Passcode is valid for a 30days period



-MOBISERVE (for accounts holders)



-BK BRANCHES (for accounts holders and non account holders)


The minimum amount for send BK Money is 1,000 FRW and the maximum amount is 500,000 FRW.


BK MobiBank

“Your Bank is closer to you”

BK MobiBank at a past event facilitating payment of student bursaries in one of the universities

BK MobiBank is a special Bank of Kigali van based in each province that provides banking services by periodically moving to various towns, trading centers, factories and villages of Rwanda, to offer the population different banking product services just like a normal BK branch.


1.     Reduced time and distances traveled to the bank branch by the clients located far from Branches.

2.     Longer banking hours as some MobiBanks extend working hours based on customer needs/availability.

3.    Shorter lines than in branches to save time for making more money.

4.    Takes services closer to customers who would otherwise miss the opportunity to be formally served.

5.    Excellent Customer Service as staff are trained to offer services similar to what clients experience at the BK branches.




1.    Cash-in (deposit)

2.     Cash-Out (withdrawals)

3.     Money Transfer - (Western Union and MoneyGram, etc.)

4.    MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash & Airtel Operations

5.    Tax Payments

6.     Agent Float rebalancing for BK Yacu and

7.  Salary processing

8.     Micro Loan Applications collections

9.    Cheque transactions

10.  Customer Statement Processing for all operations

11.  Personal A/c opening and Business account Opening –(Minimum Deposits to be deposited)

12.  Consumer enrollment - (Successful applications for BK Yacu (Mobiserve), BWeb, , Debit and Credit Cards and Cheque Books)



1.     Normal Bank Account operating conditions apply.

2.     One must have an existing account number or needs to open one

3.     The customer requires their original ID to transact.

Equity Price List

BOK 290 290 290
BRL 150 150 150
NMG 1200 --- ---
KCB 340 --- ---
USL 104 --- ---
EQTY 350 --- ---
CTL 54 54 54

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Exchange Rates

25-05-2018  BUYING  SELLING
USD 861.0000 874.0000


GBP 1135.0000 1195.0000

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