Xpress Money

Xpress Money is one of the most dependable money transfer brands globally with a vast presence in 5 continents and 150 countries.

How to Send Money via Xpress Money:

  • Sender visits Xpress Money agent location. Submits valid ID card and the receiver’s details

  • Selects a convenient payout mode; Cash to Cash, Cash to Card, Cash to Account, Door Delivery

  • Hands over the amount to be sent and the transfer fee

  • Sender receives 16-digit XPIN number

  • Sender communicates the 16-digit XPIN number to the receiver


How to Receive Money via Xpress Money:

  • Receiver visits the Xpress Money Agent Location / Bank / ATM *as per the select payout mode

  • Submits valid ID card and XPIN number *applicable for Cash payout & Door Delivery

  • Receives cash

  • Sender gets instant SMS notification upon collection of cash by receiver


Equity Price List

BOK 264 264 263
BRL 143 143 143
NMG 1200 --- ---
KCB 330 --- ---
USL 104 --- ---
EQTY 334 --- ---
CTL 70 70 70

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